PINK! Let’s talk Barbiecore …

Pink is back in a BIG way.  And not just for the little girls.  Magenta is the pantone of the year (and also just so happens to be a QUADSis signature color….) and trends are all coming up pink roses so to speak for spring/summer.   The how’s and why’s are actually simple.  Let’s break it down a bit further…

First, “Barbiecore” refers to the iconic doll herself.   Barbie embodies classic style and fashion while representing a little bit of “girl power”.   The idea that a girl can wear what she loves AND do/be anything she wants is really what Barbie is all about.   We agree, Barbie.  At QUADSis, we too believe girls can do and be anything they want.  We also think design needs to be classic, but FUN and functional.   Let’s break down some looks and see how we can put this idea into play!   

First, classic Americana… Bring out your girly side with a drop waist shirt dress.  This shade of pink definitely gives Barbie vibes, but without being over the top.  Pair this with the chambray Elaine Too’s and you have a timeless spring/summer look that works for just about everything.  

Next up – up the ante on a classic denim look.  Either a chambray romper or dress can easily be made fashion forward by pairing the patent Bubble Gum Elizabeth’s.   That touch of pink is what gives this a fresh approach on a classic style.   

Headed to school or hanging out with friends?  It’s easy to sneak in a little pink and up your game with this trend.   Distressed jeans paired with your favorite tee or sweatshirt is just the answer to balance out the patent leather on the Bubble Gum Elizabeth’s.  And nothing says Barbie strong like a graphic tee with words like “unbreakable” and “confident”.  😉 

With spring around the corner, there is always a chance a great party dress may be on deck making it the perfect opportunity to lean into pink!   Take this pink satin wrap dress.   With its higher neckline and above the knee styling, it’s a great place to start for that more “grown up” look for your tween girl.  Pair it with the silver Elizabeth’s and you have a look Barbie herself would be proud to wear.  

I think maybe my 7 year old daughter said it best… Pink means “happy, wonderful, beautiful – I love it!”  If those are feelings pink can invoke in our girls out there – I say it’s a win.  Rethink pink… it just may change your day for the better!